We  are  a  Chilean  couple  who arrived to Canada  in  2010 looking for a new life experience and wanting to improve  our  English. As soon as we got to the Comox Valley, we fell in love with this town and its people! Since we started working in the Valley, we have only had great experiences with managers, co-workers  and Canadians  in general.   The kindness and warm welcoming we have received has helped us ​to feel like we were home.

​One year later, after all the good experiences and in spite of being far from home, family and friends, we decided to  stay  longer  in Canada to  fulfill  a  professional  goal.  We both have Bachelor Administration degrees with  knowledge  of Finance, Human Resources, Accounting, and Business Management, and have always dreamt about having our own business.

In 2013, our daughter Leonor came into our lives which was the most beautiful and precious ​​gift for us. Since then, we decided without doubt to start our own business and fight for a better future for our family. Leonor gave us the strength to make the decision and take the risk.

​At this point, we were given the chance to invest in this community.  We  thought  this  would be a good way of paying back  for all the good things  that have happened to us here in the Comox Valley. This  is the reason why, after four  years  of  living  here,  we  decided  to buy  “Aliens vs Pizza” (previous  name).  They  had  an  excellent  product  and  high  quality  ingredients, so we would feel proud of what we would sell to our customers. Combining this asset with goo​d practices learned at university,  previous  jobs  in  the  restaurant industry, and our willingness to keep learning and improving, we are confident we will be able to bring the best of us to the community.

Our vision for Scoops & Slices is to become the best place to eat pizzas and frozen treats in the Comox Valley!

Thank you to all of you who support this local family business, and we hope to see you soon!

​Laura & Angel